Thailand Deposits

Provider Rate
SCB 1 Year Fixed Deposit

Siam Commercial Bank 12 month / 1 year Interest rate applicable for 1000 million Baht and Over

1 year
Feb 2018
Krung Thai Bank 3 Year Fixed Deposit

Rate indicated is for individuals.

3 year
Feb 2018
Kasikorn Bank 3 Year Fixed Deposit

This annual interest rate is for 'individuals' for deposits of 50 million baht+.

3 year
Feb 2018
Bangkok Bank Fixed Deposit

- Rate is fixed for 12 months for a local Individual.

1 year
Jun 2018


  • Q: Can a foreigner open a fixed deposit account.

    Reply Didier from Thailand
  • Q: Hi, I want to give 25,000,000 bht to my Thai wife so she can buy her family a condo. What is the maximum you can deposit into a bank account in Thailand? Would such an amount attract attention from government authorities.

    Reply alex from Elizabeth, Australia
  • Q: If I deposit 100 for 1 month, do I receive 10 dollars back in interest?

    Reply Randall from Largo, United States
    • R: No, the rate it 1%, you would get 1 dollar. at 10% you would get 10 dollars.

      Reply Jordan
      • R: no you would get back 1 dollar divided by 12 or 1 dollar for the year

        Reply martin mesrobian
    • R: Are you asking if you get 10% per month??? So you'd have $313 after one year?

      Reply Anon
  • Q: Can foreigner place a fixed deposit ?

    Reply Andy from Bangkok, Thailand
    • R: Can a farang open a term deposit if so what is the interest rate

      Reply Fred