SCB 1 Year Fixed Deposit

SCB 1 Year Fixed Deposit

Rate at 2.80% p.a*

on SCB's secure website

SCB 1 Year Fixed Deposit



The interest rate for Siam Commercial Bank below is for a fixed 12 month / 1 year Interest rate for 1000 million Baht and Over

The rate of 2.80% is 1.07% higher than the average 1.73%. Also it isthe highest rate for this term period.Updated Dec, 2016


  • Q: I have $90,000 AUD i want to deposit my money for 6 months at 2.60% do i have to pay tax on it

    ReplyKevin from Thailand
  • Q: What is the interest rate of a 1 year fixed deposit of less than 1000 million baht, say 1 million baht

    ReplyBryan from Chon Buri, Thailand