Thailand Interest Rates

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Thailand Bank Interest Rates

Provider Branch Founded Ownership
Kasikorn Bank Kasikorn Bank 992 1945 Local
Bank Ayudhya Bank Ayudhya 644 1945 Local
TMB Bank TMB Bank 450 1957 Local
Citibank Thailand Citibank Thailand 38 1967 Foreign
Standard Chartered Bank Thailand Standard Chartered Bank Thailand 31 1894 Foreign
SCB SCB 1,100 1904 Local
HSBC Thailand HSBC Thailand 1888 Foreign
Bangkok Bank Bangkok Bank Over 1,100 1944 N/A
Krung Thai Bank Krung Thai Bank 1966 Local

Thailand Discussion Activity

  • Deposits
    Q: Can a foreigner open a fixed deposit account.

    Reply Didier from Thailand
  • Deposits
    Q: Hi, I want to give 25,000,000 bht to my Thai wife so she can buy her family a condo. What is the maximum you can deposit into a bank account in Thailand? Would such an amount attract attention from government authorities.

    Reply alex from Elizabeth, Australia
  • SCB - Deposits - SCB 1 Year Fixed Deposit
    Q: What is the interest rate of a 1 year fixed deposit of 1 million baht

    Reply roman from Bangkok, Thailand
  • SCB - Deposits - SCB 1 Year Fixed Deposit
    Q: we have an amount of 200.000 euro about 8.million baht can we have an SCB 1 year fixed deposit at your bank?

    Reply Kathu from Matawan, United States
  • SCB - Savings
    Q: I am a Farang from Germany and make holiday 3 month every year in Pattaya. Now I want open a Saving Account at your bank. What I need?

    Reply Jakob from Cologne, Germany
  • Krung Thai Bank - Deposits - Krung Thai Bank 6 Month Fixed Deposit
    Q: Good day! I just want to ask if I apply 6months fixed deposit. How much is the minimum and maximum Money that i can deposit every month? Thank you

    Reply Jerick Gomez from Thailand
  • Deposits
    Q: If I deposit 100 for 1 month, do I receive 10 dollars back in interest?

    Reply Randall from Largo, United States
    • R: No, the rate it 1%, you would get 1 dollar. at 10% you would get 10 dollars.

      Reply Jordan
      • R: no you would get back 1 dollar divided by 12 or 1 dollar for the year

        Reply martin mesrobian
    • R: Are you asking if you get 10% per month??? So you'd have $313 after one year?

      Reply Anon
  • Kasikorn Bank - Savings
    Q: How much do I need to leave in my savings account to leave it open

    Reply Stephanie from Thailand
  • Loans
    Q: My thai wife and I are buying two condos in Korat that are due completion in October we will have available aprox. 2,200,000.and are looking for a loan of 600,000b the 2,200,000. is at the moment on deposit with Bangkok Bank.

    Reply Mervyn Walker from Thailand
    • R: Interested in buying a house in north Thailand.. I am from USA. what is the going rate for home mortgages now

      Reply Robert
  • Deposits
    Q: Can foreigner place a fixed deposit ?

    Reply Andy from Bangkok, Thailand
    • R: Can a farang open a term deposit if so what is the interest rate

      Reply Fred